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About me: Vet of 4 Iraqi adventures. I'm 41, been in the Navy for 19 years as a Corpsman (medic for all of you non military types). Got out after 7 and a half the first time when I was stationed at Naval Weapons Test Center China Lake, figured there had to be something better out there then being stuck out in this middle of this desert. I wanted to do something totally different so I went to school for Autotronics, got the degree and worked the field till right after 9/11 and then realized that my real talents were being put to waste. Came back in and was sent to a Marine Helo unit that was 60 miles south of China Lake back in the same hellish desert that I was originally running away from, sigh. Now I'm in Whidbey Island with an F-18 squadron. Married to a pink haired goddess, have a son named Collin who's 16, been in love and out of it. Life's not bad when you're keeping your head above water. I rockclimb, had a day or two of partying, read way too much and getting to the point in my life I can fix anything body, soul or machine. In 5 years I'll have to find a job that can use my various talents (maybe photography?). Anyhow that's my blurb Disclaimer: The thoughts, views, pictures, comments expressed in no way represent the Views of US Navy, Marines, Department of Defense, CPA or human race in general. If you are offended by what is here, leave a comment, if you like what you see leave a comment, peace.
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Dragan Popovic
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vaughn go
Latest entry:Nutty Broccoli
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Sabine De Breizh
Latest entry:Moi et Sparadrap
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kris inizu
Latest entry:Heifafest 2011
t-shirts diplayed! View this Fotopage entry
Ginger PAIGE
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ad vanmaldegem
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Edoras FotoZine
Latest entry:2017 First Pic
Test photo View this Fotopage entry
liz Moody
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Latest entry:Vrijgezellenfeest
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Matchek Grego
Latest entry:Kaja: we're 2 years OLD! / mamy 2 latka!
it's been a while ... i know, but here are the latest pix what's Kaja up to those days? lots of words: "my goodness", "ohh my", "o boze", etc :) running, swimming, getting into things, but overall a very good kid View this Fotopage entry
invisible bottle
Bertrand Eberhard
Latest entry:art fev 2010
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Winston Edghill
Latest entry:More "First Shots of 2010" - Nuff, Nuff Reflections
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Juli Eklund
Latest entry:Happy Holidays from the Kansas Krew
Well, I've now experienced a blizzard. We've had snow since I moved to Kansas, but not a blizzard and what started on Christmas Eve was definitely a blizzard. And not a bad one at that when you compare it to weather further north. It's not that we got any great quantities of snow; it's what the wind did with the snow we got. It's hard to tell the exact accumulations since in some spots it's only three inches deep and in others it's three feet deep. The driveway has a good eight inches and since four inches ... View this Fotopage entry
Dressed for Dinner
Latest entry:Thanksgiving & Raya Haji Celebration
Thanksgiving at Jum's house :) Raya at our house :) View this Fotopage entry
ni lah rumah I...
xxx judith hough
Latest entry:what I see along the way!
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doc jcc
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Rajiv Chopra
Latest entry:Halebidu
Halebidu was, it seems, one of the capitals of the Hoysala Empire of South India, some 1,000 years ago. Halebidu Temple represents some of the most fantastic temple carvings of the Hoysalas. I went there some 22 years ago, when I was doing my MBA. This was one of those weekend trips we used to make. We'd get into a hired vehicle, and move. Those were the times when the world was young and at our feet. Halebidu was fantastic. My first sight of the temple simply took my breath away. If I had a week the... View this Fotopage entry
Carving 2
Sandy Lunn
Latest entry:It's that time of year again...
Another birthday...another day in Iraq...another exciting photo opportunity View this Fotopage entry
very tasty!!
Chris Bailey
Latest entry:Breakfast in America
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'Breakfast in America'
Rio Lerma
Latest entry:Thought
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gilou Dp
Latest entry:For you, for me, for Sythia...
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frank vranckx
Latest entry:tunnels ♠○↨E
-ı~~ı_☺_ı~ı_☻_ı~ı__♥__/) . . .Öx+) from collapsia) (with music from my band: joyous cosmology) * :alien_abduct: View this Fotopage entry
jersey uk
Latest entry:Jersey in the Channel Islands
Beaches in Jersey, Channel Islands View this Fotopage entry
Living In Oakville
Latest entry:Itsy bitsy spider
Well, this guy was not too itsy bitsy I can tell you. But then, we don't usually see really large spiders in our neck of the woods, except those big furry dock spiders that always seem to be where you put your hand when going through locks or coming alongside a dock. This one had decided to take roost on the trailer we were going to take. Sadly to say, he didn't quite make the trip - falling off somewhere while enroute. Any one out there know what he might be?? Other than a spider.. 8-) View this Fotopage entry
Is the ring bearer around???
Steve Troy
Latest entry:Storms and Sunsets
A little contrast now..........some skies from South Dakota...... View this Fotopage entry
Danielle Gennaro
Latest entry:7-7-7
I wish I were at a casino on this lucky day! So the finale of Harry Potter is upon us and I am absolutely devastated. I am excited to read Deathly Hallows but at the same time, I know then when I close the book, it will be over forever. Stephen King said "Goodbye" to Harry in his article in Entertainment Weekly and it made me realize in how much of my life and our culture in general Harry Potter is engrained. "The Internet blog sites will be full of this was bad and that was wrong, but it's going to... View this Fotopage entry
Elaine Louvier
Latest entry:Photo Challenge # 149...... Anger
Dolly is the gentlest dog. but when she plays she looks ferocious View this Fotopage entry
Go ahead, make my day!
Debra Diggins
Latest entry:Hobbies that give me joy.
The creation of the triplets, 3 dolls that went to the same family. I enjoyed making each one to fit the child who was to receive the doll. Penelope, finaly a doll for myself. Never to old for dolls. My first quilting project, made in February/March. View this Fotopage entry
The Diggins Family Dolls - that I made
Jas Tan
Latest entry:Mal and Sis' wedding pics at Brighton
We headed for Brighton beach after St Kilda beach... Love these ones! :D View this Fotopage entry
MSO and Farah Yusri
Latest entry:Moved.
Assalamualaikum, Please be informed that we have moved to a different domain: Jemput Datang. View this Fotopage entry
Azli Jamil
Latest entry:FAREWELL....
Dear all, This is my last posting on fotopages. I hope you have enjoyed what this passionate amateur photographer has shown... Thank you so much again for the time and the effort you have taken for each visit and each comment I will treasure always... If I have offended any of you with my honesty, I apologize... I hope all of you will continue to challenge yourself. Be confident and proud of your vision. Be ready to comment without fear or favor in the spirit of sharing of thoughts and ideas. Stop labeli... View this Fotopage entry
mikkel berg
Latest entry:Seattle: University District: Finn MacCool's Irish Pub
Happy New Year! Godt Nyttår! S Novym Godom! Buorre Oddajahki! Feliz Navidad! Et cetera... View this Fotopage entry
Nell Who Me
Latest entry:40th Birthday Party
Last weekend Colin, Casper and I went to my cousin Ali's 40th birthday party in Cheltenham. It was held in Ali's brother Philip's photographic studio and the theme was "80s". Needless to say we all had a great time ... and just for the record, I think Ali looks bloody amazing for 40!! View this Fotopage entry
My boyfriend Colin and me
altay sendil
Latest entry:Treasure Island International Triathlon - San Francisco Bay, CA
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granny sue
Latest entry:France - Hossegor the morning after the tempest!
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Rob Pritchard
Sandra, relaxing at La Glycine. Super little hotel in Normandy. View this Fotopage entry
Dale in Canada
Latest entry:fog View this Fotopage entry
Maryam Rafia
Latest entry:The Fire Within
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Dark Room
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Christopher Wong
Latest entry:Happy 3rd shed!
My darling Kwayteow had its (haha still don't know its sex!) third shed (since coming home with me last year) yesterday! What a happy little python after going through the ordeal of crawling out of its skin! View this Fotopage entry
Veronica Khokhlova
Latest entry:Kyiv--Khreshchatyk--Victor Yanukovych's Day
March 11, 2006 View this Fotopage entry
David Huffman
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Jesse Fleeman
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carlos urbina
Latest entry:Holloween
I know iit's late, but it's time for mr to be updating what I've done since iv'e been back from Iraq. So Here's what happened for Holloween. It was a good time. Fun at Woodbury and Santa Barbara. It was one hell of a weekend. So Enjoy. If you were there and want a copy of the pics let me know. View this Fotopage entry
The Ride Back
Jessica Coursey
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Clint Peyton
Latest entry:Playing with photoshop...
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Lake Chataqua
George Young
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Latest entry:Samara Sunsets - (The Boys of Summer Lyrics - Don Henley)
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Jennifer Blake
This and the previous entry are good representations of what I've been interested in photographing lately ... the odd architectural detail and florals. View this Fotopage entry
A light leads to ...
moko chan
Latest entry:tell me
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Firas Georges
Latest entry:The 23rd Oct 2004 Attack
On the 23rd of October 2004, it happened that I had the chance to take some photos for the attack on an American tank in south west Baghdad on its way to BIAP, few meters after a road sign says “War is over you can choose peace and prosperity or kayos and poor�. Not far from the attack area about only 500 meters away you can still see the construction workers still working. View this Fotopage entry
Few meters befor Attack Area
Eric Wyatt
Latest entry:Last for Now
Last of the old vacation B&W Hope to have others (new ones!!!) up soon... View this Fotopage entry
Read me for more information
Latest entry:More flora and fauna...
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Nat eeee
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